Server Error in Azure

Below is the attached image showing the error. I am getting the following error from Azure for Epicor. Any help from Epicor Gurus that would be great. Thanks.

What binding(s) are you using?

Server Credentials Issue is generally because your workstation isn’t trusted by the azure server. Are you on the same / right domain?

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That’s why I asked about binding.

For example, if using ‘Windows’ then trying to connect an on premise Active Directory to an Azure instance, there is a lot of AD sync and setup to do in MS that has nothing to do with ERP 10 - just vanilla networking.

We’ve been playing with options around that for internal implementations. Grab your favorite MCSE networking guru and go to town…


Thank you Bart. Let me try picking an MSCE guru to have these fixed.

Windows User name channel

We tried doing it in Workgroup Environment.

Workgroup mode will not work with Windows security for the wire. Windows needs to own both sides of the communication (client and server) on the same Active Directory domain (or between trusted domains).

A quick overview of options is in the online help - search on Network Protocol Bindings

Some background on the WCF feature leveraged:


Thank you the issues are fixed and working fine. As stated there are so much elements which needs to be documented and given in the form of step by step procedure guide by Epicor. Because Epicor is running on Azure( my perception and my views). Thank you very much Bart for the initial support.

Step by step in which area?
Install guide, admin guide, in app tech reference, online help, videos on demand, Traiining courses or certification courses?

I am not trying to be (totally) flippant but we put a huge effort into education efforts. The biggest problem we have trying to direct people to the content. Also if you have feedback please abuse those ‘email feedback’ links in our docs. Our Epicor University folks get lonely and love the feedback and review. (not flippant) They are great at processing all the emails I send on docs


Maybe it’s buried in the 787 page Implementation Guide or the 300 page Admin guide. :slight_smile: I agree with Bart here. I remember once when Epicor was not really that good at providing information, now you can feel a bit like a deer in the headlights, not knowing which way to look. How tos can certainly help, but there is no substitute to trying it and breaking it so you can understand how all the pieces fit together.

I will admit with such a volume, it can be easy to overlook or dismiss one sentence in a documents that large, and that’s all it can take to make in install go pair shaped.

I congratulate Epicor in going to great lengths to make all of this information available, At the end of the day, they can’t make everyone read every bit of information they provide. That’s up to us.


Rereading this on a Monday morning instead of drop in glance on Mobile during the weekend I don’t think this came across in my comment as well as @Hally stated. We have put out a TON of education material that most do not know about / cannot find. How we present it all is under discussion and watch for a few new EDU toys in the near future.

It reminds me of the discussion I had with a prior head of Excel - they had a ton of features buried under tons of menus. When MSFT introduced the Ribbon, all of a sudden users in UX studies found all these features Excel ‘added’. In actuality the user was just able to discover them for the first time.

That’s not to say Epicor is perfect and I know of a few areas where I’d like to improve a doc / feature. Also, I am very serious about hammering that email feedback link in docs - one the bottom of EVERY page.

I cannot believe how little feedback users give us on the docs.


Thank you Bart

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Case in point @Bart_Elia. I literally stumbled across a wealth of information on EDI in the Help. This complements the EDIDemand Management Tech reference very well. I tend to find it is the last place I look, when really it should be the first…Probably because my experience with E9 help was so crumby. Time to kick some old habits. :slight_smile:

Now where did I see that post about the hosted help for all versions hmmmmm :thinking:

There are a lot of habits that have been reviewed internally and more to do. Externally the same and we know it will take time for users to do so. Keep the communications coming and mash the feedback emails

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