Server log error - Version mismatch between client (3.2.500.0) and server (3.2.700.0)

Hi guys,

We have the following “Version mismatch between client (3.2.500.0) and server (3.2.700.0)” error message that appears every 30 seconds in the server log. Epicor said there’s no harm and it’s normal, and to ignore them, but my OCD is driving me nuts!

We upgraded from 10.2.500 to 10.2.700 back in February, and all of our active test environments are on .700… Could it be from our 10.2.500 EOY environment that accounting uses occasionally?

How can I see where this is coming from, and stop it?

Ice.Common.VersionMismatchException: Version mismatch between client (3.2.500.0) and server (3.2.700.0).
   at Ice.Services.Lib.SessionModSvc.HandshakeBaseVersion(Version clientVersion) in C:\_Releases\ICE\ICE3.2.700.0\Source\Server\Services\Lib\SessionMod\SessionMod.cs:line 423
   at Ice.Services.Lib.SessionModSvcFacade.HandshakeBaseVersion(Version clientVersion) in C:\_Releases\ICE\ICE3.2.700.0\Source\Server\Services\Lib\SessionMod\SessionModSvcFacade.cs:line 581
   at SyncInvokeHandshakeBaseVersion(Object , Object[] , Object[] )
   at System.ServiceModel.Dispatcher.SyncMethodInvoker.Invoke(Object instance, Object[] inputs, Object[]& outputs)
   at Epicor.Hosting.OperationBoundInvoker.InnerInvoke(Object instance, Func`2 func) in C:\_releases\ICE\ICE3.2.700.6\Source\Framework\Epicor.System\Hosting\OperationBoundInvoker.cs:line 59
   at Epicor.Hosting.OperationBoundInvoker.Invoke(Object instance, Func`2 func) in C:\_releases\ICE\ICE3.2.700.6\Source\Framework\Epicor.System\Hosting\OperationBoundInvoker.cs:line 28

What is the “10.2.500 EOY” environment? A copy of the production DB made at EOY, and restored to this other app (which is 10.2.500)? Is this environment up and running?

It looks like someone is using the client for 10.2.500 to connect to 10.2.700. Maybe they have an old client install still on their workstation

Hi Andris,

Not sure if you have fixed the problem. If not, check and see if you have an old task agent (3.2.500.0). Try uninstalling it and see if the error messages goes away.



I was just searching for this and “2 months later” you happened to post - Thank-you!

Seems to have fixed it - I stopped the 10.2.100 task agent service and set it to manual, and if/when I need to run my pre-upgrade backup I’ll start it again. Thanks again.

Sunil - Thanks, we’ll take a look. I forget if this was on our LIVE server or the development one (which has several environments, including 10.2.500 for 2020 EOY as well as 10.2.700 for our PILOT/TRAIN/EDU, and soon to be Kinetic21…)

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@SteveFossey so uninstalling the task agent and re-installing is the answer?

Yes, but since I learned this I’ve now started working with K21 - so I have 3 versions of Epicor on my Dev server.

I have found that when refreshing any of my environments (10.2.100, 10.2.700 or 2021.1) if I delete the task agent, then stop the app pool, before doing any other refresh tasks, everything just works when I log back in, and I don’t recreate the task agent until I have everything set up and I can log in.

Then I log out, create the task agent, recycle the app pool, log back in and test printing. Seems to work.

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Thanks Steve!