Service Connect: Returning all records from a DBOperation

I am working on a Service Connect workflow that executes a stored procedure to return a bunch of records.
I intend to return the results a file location.
My workflow works, but only returns the first record from the stored procedure.
I have a top level workflow that calls a sub workflow (this is where the DB Operation call is) and I have cycling enabled for each node in the nodeset dta/ResponseRowset.
I’d really appreciate any pointers or help with how to return all records from the SQL query, thank you!

can i ask why you are executing a stored procedure to get the data vs a simple select query? I didn’t quite follow your description, is the DB call in the parent or the sub?

That’s a fair question.
I formatted it that way because our other functioning workflows are formatted that way, I suppose that’s a bad answer but it’s the truth.
The DB call is in the sub workflow.

if your intent is to process each row that comes back from your query, you’ll want to do that query in the parent. Make sure you save the output of that query as a schema which should format as multiple rows for you.

this is an example of what your schema could look like from your DB output

Assign that schema to the input schema of your sub workflow element (or remap to a different schema in a conversion beforehand), and then create a sub workflow schema from that based on the row node.

This is great, thank you so much!
I’ll be attempting this now.