Service Pro Users?

Anyone have experience with the new Service Pro (the MSI one) and have feedback they’re willing to share? Specifically we’re looking at using it for an Australian company and want to make sure it’s a good fit vs more local options.

@Hally ? I know you’re out in that part of the world.

Sorry @jstephens , field service not one of my areas of expertise unfortunately. The last time I has anything to do with that sort of thing was with package called Mainpac back in the late 90’s.

What specifically are you concerned about from the Australian side of things?

Hey @Hally - I appreciate you responding anyway.

Our team there had raised some concerns about mapping, specifically. Latency is always a concern if it isn’t hosted in a local datacenter. Other solutions they’re evaluating have direct integrations to their preferred CC processor (eWay) and current ERP (moving to Epicor after the travel bans are lifted though). I think some of the hesitation may be because Australian-specific functionality has historically been an afterthought with a lot of software ported from the US.

Mostly I was hoping to get candid feedback from the community since our IT presence there is limited and that team needs to be able to run with whatever solution we go with successfully and independently.

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