Set order to favorites?

Is there a way to organize the favorites based on user order? When I click an icon, a little grab hand appears, but I cannot grab and move around. Users want to have their favorites organized in alphabetical order.

Also, any way to have favorites just be a list instead of icons?

Thank you.

Sort order I believe is determined by Ice.FavItems.ItemSeq for items within the same FolderSeq. It’s a first in, first displayed feature. I would never recommend that one update the ice.favitems.itemseq based on description ascending for items within the same folder (folderseq). NEVER!



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Any chance that favorites could display as a list instead of icons (like the recently forms box)?

Not that I am aware of :frowning:

Create BAQ that gets the list of favorites for the current user from the DB, and show it on BAQ tile, which looks like list. :slight_smile:

But that wouldn’t be a clickable list, would it?

I know this in an old thread, but I figured this may still help someone…

A trick to do this is to re-order the favorites in the ‘classic style’ interface. You can drag and drop them easily. When you switch to the modern interface, the order remains as you changed it within the classic interface.


Thanks!! This is a good workaround.

While that worked for Modern interface, I don’t believe it works for Kinetic interface. It seems like the Kinetic ones are sorted under the YPos field.

Thanks for the tip, it worked in ‘classic’ mode.

Question arised when I shared my layout with another user (Settings → Home Page → Export and then Import layout on the user’s computer), the order of favorites sorted A-Z will still be messy, ie not in A-Z order anymore.

I also noticed that some (few) of the tiles even had their original order preserved), but most of them got messed up after import.

Do you have any advice or tips on how to preserve the A-Z sort order (when exporting/importing and sharing the layout with favorites)?

(I use several (3-4) tile groups and within them a number of different tiles (2-5) with favorites in them).