Set text box value when checkbox is checked

I am trying to update a text box that has epiBinding when a checkbox is checked. When there is no binding, it’s pretty simple. I can set the textbox.Text field to whatever I want. But when it’s bound, it doesn’t work that way. What is the right way to do this?

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Set the value to the DataView’s field instead.

Can you point me at an example? Or a better term to search?

I can provide a code example, but it would help to know the table/field the textbox is bound to so you can understand the example.

EpiDataView edvShipHead = oTrans.Factory("ShipHead");
edvShipHead.CurrentDataRow["TrackingNumber"] = "12345";

I’m working with UD38. The textbox points to ShortChar20.

EpiDataView edvUD23 = oTrans.Factory("UD23");
edvUD23.CurrentDataRow["ShortChar20"] = "ABC123";

Thank you very much. I believe this is exactly what I was looking for. When I get back at it, I will try it out.

I am working on this in a customization that I am using the UD Table as a child wizard setup on the OrderDtl table. That wizard already setup the required EpiDataView so all I needed to do was refer to that. I wanted to put this in here in case someone else comes along with a similar question. The wizard set it up as _edvUD38. So I was able to do what you suggested above by using the following code in my event.

this._edvUD38.CurrentDataRow["ShortChar20"] = "ABC123";

Hope this helps anyone else who might come along with a UD table as a child.