Setting AP Checks

Not sure what version you're on, but we're in 8.03.405A.

If you go to company configuration. Tabs Modules> Finance> Accounts
Payable, there is a check box that says Consolidate Invoice Print and a
field next to it that is Invoices On Check Stub. I'm not sure what they
really do and like normal Epicor fashion there is not mention of it in the
help file.

Hope that helps.

Norman Hutchins

Network Administrator

Howell Laboratories, Inc.

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Does anyone know, is there a setting for AP checks where you say "don't split across checks, voiding the checks, break up payments in to discrete amounts that will fit on one paper check"?
Thank you

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If you pay an invoice with more than 10 items ( or whatever you have set in the company configuration for "Invoices per Check Stub") how do you always force it to a new check, instead of paying all items on 1 check, and voiding the remaining ones?

Example, a batch has 25 invoice items totaling $1,000,000 that it will pay. Max invoices per stub is 10, so need 3 checks. But I want it to force 3 checks, not put total of $1,000,000 on first check, but rather break it in to 3 discreet payments.

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