Setting Issued Complete without Issuing Materials

Is it possible to set Issued complete without issuing materials?

If I add Jobmtl.IssuedComplete to the Job Entry → Job details → material → List grid, then it is available for editing only when Job Engineered = false.

If I try to set IssuedComplete = true with DMT, then I get an error:
Table: JobMtl Msg: Update not allowed, Engineered and Prevent Changes.

We want to set this flag later with DMT, when there is absolutely clear that we do not need to issue any materials more. There is a list of the jobs and materials and DMT is very good to do this, just I do not want to clear Engineered and then set it back.

Epicor 10.2.700.20

Thank you

I believe that you can check this box in the Job Adjustment screen (but I could be wrong). I have used BPMs to flip this flag in the past. By flipping this flag to true, it will cause MRP to ignore this material in future runs, and it will not be seen as a demand anymore.

Thank you for the response Tim,
If you open Job Adjustment, it is Job Cost Adjustment. There you can adjust only Costs.

From the “JobMtl.IssuedComplete” field help I can read:
“… The user may toggle the setting if the JobHead.Complete is “NO”. …”, but where it can be done, I cannot find.

@Siimsusi We don’t have Engineered Prevent Changes set so we can do this anytime. It looks like if you are going to set prevent changes to engineered jobs then you will also need to set Create Audit log so you can make a change with a reason.

Thank you for response Greg,
I tested it and without Prevent Changes it works.