Ship Job Not Completed

This may be a stupid question, but I have to ask it. I was always under the impression that you cannot ship a job that has not been marked as completed. I’ve had someone ask today why a job was still open that they had shipped a couple of weeks ago and was very confused at how they even managed to ship it. Looking into the change log the job was never marked as complete which made me start to think maybe you can ship jobs that are still open. This would have been passed down from my boss but just want to understand if you can or not, as it always made sense to me that you can’t ship a job that isn’t finished. We’re on 10.1.500.29 if that makes a difference.

I was just looking at some of my closed order releases that still have open jobs.

Here is one of mine, for an incomplete job:

My understanding is you can tell epicor you shipped anything…

Epicor will not prevent you from entering and shipping a shipment against a job that is still open, but if there are any additional costs added to the job then they will not necessarily be included in the shipment’s COGS.

We will sometimes ship against open jobs if we’ve expedited part of the order, but we have to watch order transactions are entered to make sure costs are flowing correctly.

If you are talking make direct the only constraint is you cannot ship a closed make direct job. That being said you want to ensure jobs don’t close until after invoicing if you want to capture P/L properly.

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The production quantity doesn’t need to be complete to ship a job. You also can ship a job that is marked complete.

  • Completing a job takes it off the schedule, can still incur costs (e.g. PO variance on buy direct job material)
  • Closing a job should be done by accounting.
    • you can’t ship a closed job
    • if you are running MRP, closing a direct job without shipping will flag MRP to create a new job

Job costs are captured at invoicing for make direct jobs. We run the sales gross margin report nightly, that was the trick for updating any additional costs between invoicing and job closing (we are a mix of standard and average costed parts). It runs fast enough so I haven’t investigated whether or not I can stop the batch now that we are on Kinetic.