Customer shipment from a job allowed without report quantity

I found a shipment today that was shipped from a job, marked shipped, and invoiced, but for which there was never a quantity reported against the job (so no material backflush and job does not auto-close). This seems like something the system shouldn’t allow by default, especially in FIFO with negative quantities not allowed. Is there an option somewhere that I missed? We don’t want shipments to be entered in amounts greater than the quantity reported.

James this has always been true in Epicor due to the diverse types of clients they serve. If they locked down that option they would have other customers complaining that many times they ship before the shop floor transactions keep up. I worked for a fixture company where materials would come in, manufactured, assembled and shipped before we could enter labor transactions

Thats why Epicor has BPM/Method Directives. You will need to put those in place to avoid this happening again

Yup… that is the way it works (as @mjfwagner also said)… Note that the same thing applies to finishing a job before a purchase direct material is recieved, or finishing the part without issuing material… OR… how about this… you can complete more parts at operation 20 than you completed at operation 10… it may not make sense, but the system allows it (and will give warnings in some cases). you can also complete the operations out of sequence.
I have seen “out of control” systems where the user issued 10 components, they finished 5 at operation 10, finished 100 at operation 20, received 200 to stock… then complained that their inventory was out of balance. Yup… if the users tell the system that they did this, it will do it.
ONE reason that we allow it is due to “expected yield”… some companies might “expect” to yield 100 good parts per sheet of material, but in reality, their yield is better (or worse) than expected… and they actually get 110 units.
it prohibit this, you can add your own BPM rules.

Good to know it’s intentional functionality and not a bug or screw-up on my part. Time to put on the BPM hat.


can you ship a job that is complete?

Yes but not Closed.

ahh…that’s right. Thanks

Is there a way to reverse a shipment from a job?
i have the problem that a user over shipped from a job but pack ID is already invoiced
we cannot closed the job because there’s a variance for the over shipment

Who says you cannot close the job with a variance? This is NOT normally a problem. A Variance is a normal occurrence.
That said, if you have already invoiced the shipment, it probably needs to be “returned” on an RMA and then issue a credit to the customer.

Hi Tim

Thank you for your response, I don’t know too much about job closing
I did the RMA and I have RMA-INS and INS-MTL in the transaction history but the job still showing the over shipped qty. Let me give you more detail… we have our jobs make to order but for job1 the user did two shipments one with the right So-Ln-release and job and the second one with another Release same job, I’d like to know if i can reverse this second shipment

Thank You .