Shipment Notification

Anyone has experience in shipment notification under Miscellaneous Shipment Entry? Does it need an extra license for this function? Thank you.

You wouldn’t necessarily have to buy a new license. You can manually set up a BPM that fires off an email or API call when a pack is marked as shipped. I believe there’s a module for ANSI X12 if you’re sending out EDI 856 ASN’s, but I’m unfamiliar with that component in regards to Epicor.

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Thank you John. Is the following screenshot related to it? What are the email address and Shipment Notification check box used for? Regards,

A BPM can be configured to use just about any field in the system. Personally, if I was firing off emails, I wouldn’t even bother with anything in the shipment screen. I want my shippers shipping, not doing unnecessary data entry. Sure, they may have to paste in tracking #'s (if you don’t have that integrated), but that’s unique to each shipment. Email address typically aren’t one-offs per pack.

Instead, I’d cross-reference the shipment data with the customer ship-to and have the system send an email to that address. Maybe I’d use the shipping contact for the customer. Depends on exactly how your company handles that kind of thing. Either way, I’m tying the repetitive action (sending an email) to a set-once field rather than a set-every-time field. It’s less work and less chance of fat fingering a wrong address.

If you’re utterly unfamiliar with BPM’s, I suggest looking up some training vidoes on them. Searching “Epicor BPM” on YouTube should get a fair number of hits. Familiarity with BAQ’s will also be required for what I’m suggesting.