Shipping From Multiple Jobs

We entered a sales order line for quantity of 5. The part is set for a max lot size of 1 to create 5 different jobs, as we expected. When we go to ship that line, we can see Line 1, Release 1, 5 different times, with five different jobs to ship from, each with a quantity of 1. So far so good. When we click on "shipped", we get the message that there are other order lines pending, do we want to close the line.  Vantage thinks there are other order lines pending, when there is only 1 line with 5 jobs. If I change the quantity on the first job to 5 and delete the rest of the "phantom" lines I can ship, but my traceability is lost as it shows that I shipped 5 from 1 job and my other jobs still show in WIP
Anyone else experience this problem? Are we missing a step or is this a "bug"?

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