Shipping - Prepay & Add vs. Direct Cust. acct billing E9/Insite M


In addition to Epicor v9.04.505B, we are implementing "Insite
Manifest" shipping and receiving software (3rd party Epicor partner)

We have learned that Epicor/Insite default is "prepay and add" whereby
shipping costs are added to the invoice and assigned to a misc. charge & separate GL account. This is at odds with our current practice which, using Federal Express and UPS software outside of ERP, bills directly to the customer shipping accounts.

We are told a BPM/Service Connect customization is required to enable direct billing with Epicor/Insite. The accounts numbers are added to a billing field in the Customer->ManifestInfo (CustMFBill.PayAccount)

Has anyone using Epicor and Insite encountered this? Is this in fact a BPM/ServiceConnect link? (we have not yet used these tools)

Scott Brydson