Shop Floor Hardware Setup / Network Print to Bartender

Hi Everyone,

Has anyone got any experience with Bartender and network printing? We are implementing shop floor right now our setup is as follows:

  • Android Samsung A8 Tablets for production using Web based MES
  • Bluetooth Datalogic scanners attached to each tablet
  • Wifi Zebra printers networked via wireless to server with edgeagent running on the server
    *Zebra TC22 hand scanners for picking/warehouse running epicor android mobile warehouse.

So we purchased Bartender 2022 for designing and running all the labels we require for purchase receipts, production and quality. We are using operational tags to replace our current job cards/need for job travellers.

I can print using network print options to test an output if the file is an SSRS report but i cannot use network print to print a bartender label (i should be able to select the network printer that will then map this into the output BT file and subsequently then print to the network printer via the integration builder.) I will eventually look at some auto print directives but the user will need to be able to override the printer if the one nearest isnt working or is busy etc and there will be around 20+ shop floor label printers.

How do i get around this if Epicor will only allow network print when SSRS is selected?

Many thanks for your help and Merry Christmas to you all :slight_smile:

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