Signature Image getting Blurred / not clear

Hello Mates,

Here I come up again with a small Issue I am using this image for my signature in PO report through image maintenance and retrieving it on the report using ice.FileStore Table.

The image resolution itself is higher (1726x799).
when I use the similar image as embedded image in SSRS the resolution is good but when I am retrieving it through Image Maintenance the resolution is not at all readable and the signature gets Blurred.


Thanks in Advance.

Does the image have a transparent background? I’m new to Epicor (go-live is in a few weeks), but noticed when we originally uploaded our company logo to use in SSRS it had jagged edges. Replacing it with a version on a white background fixed the problem.

If that fails, you might want to try converting the image to true black and white (i.e. no grayscale) just in case it’s an anti-aliasing problem.

Wondering what file format you are using?

Also have you already seen this related topic?