Simulate configurator steps when creating a quote programatically

On my web page I create Quotes using the bpm.

Right now, after creating a Quote on my page, the user needs to:

  1. Go to the Quote Entry.
  2. Search for the Quote created.
  3. Open the configurator (The entries on the configurator are already populated).
  4. Go through all the pages and save.

I want to simulate the process of going through all the configurator pages and save, so the Quote would be ready without any user interaction.
Is it there a way to do this using bpm/rest?

I am shooting in the dark here… but if it were me, I’d flip on tracing and run through the quote configuration manually, advancing each page and then hitting Save. Then I would review the trace to see what methods are called by the UI and see if you can replicate that in a BPM/Rest.