Site offline for maintenance tonight

Just a heads up, we’ll be taking the site offline for maintenance and updates tonight it shouldn’t affect most users, but just a heads up… I’m looking at you @Chris_Conn :slight_smile:

Too late, I already thought I broke it :joy:

What are we going to do when the site is offline?!??!?!!?

We should put together a list of things that we can do during the outage… I’ll start–here is a cover of Radiohead’s Creep!

Nathan do you watch Silicon Valley? Wait… I know you don’t have HBO lol

:cry: No, I haven’t seen it yet but I did just renew my HBO subscription through Amazon because I had to catch up on GOT–last season’s finale…COME ON! [deep breath]. But, it is on my list :slight_smile:

I just finished the first season of AMC’s Halt & Catch Fire though and really liked it.

I haven’t seen it myself but heard it goes to hell after season 2…


@jgiese.wci forced me to sit through 2 hours of Silicon Valley while he held me hostage last week… it was pretty good actually, but I don’t have HBO

You need to get on that. There is an aspect of that show you will totally relate to. It might even be painful to watch. goodie!

Maybe the title of this thread should have included the date the maintenance was to occur.
That way these “bumps” don’t make it look like there’s maintenance happening again tonight. :slight_smile:

maybe it’s tonight maybe it’s tomorrow night… who really knows…


It’s actually great cause I didn’t get around to doing it last night… So its a self renewing thread


If you say “tonight” does it have to be done by midnight? Because after midnight, it’s tomorrow morning. :wink:

Well depends on your timezone I suppose :wink:

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