Sites vs Warehouses

We are in the early stages of a new E10 implementation, and trying to decide between using Sites or Warehouses for representing different physical locations.

In our situation, we are licensed for multi-company/multi-site, and have multiple companies. Each of those companies have multiple physical locations. Seems like a natural fit for Sites, but based on what I have read in the documentation about Sites and their functionality, I’m not sure if Sites bring with them additional complexity that we don’t want to deal with. The locations don’t manufacture specific products, we don’t need Site-specific accounting books or tax options, and we want to easily view and transfer inventory across locations.

My previous experience was in systems that used Warehouses as a way to represent different physical locations, but I don’t know the specific reasons why this was chosen. Maybe not licensed for multi-site/multi-company.

I’m sure this is a good conversation to be had with implementation consultant(s), but wanted to get some input from you all as well.

Thank you

There are others who have asked similar questions:

However, the shorter answer is: if you don’t need the added functionality of Sites, then Warehouses is MUCH easier. Shipping a PO to a specific Warehouse is the only “Hard” part. I typically have added a customization to add a warehouse search to the PO:

Warehouse Search already exists on the release and can be printed on the PO if needed.

Vinay Kamboj