Slow PO Suggestions (Like 18+ hours)

Our PO Suggestion Regen Task run could not complete yesterday as it was still running when Purchasing showed up to work. It starts at midnight and it usually takes about 5-6 hours. Today again the process did not complete. We opted to let it run, in the hope that it would purge some unneeded records making the next run quicker.
Last night it kicked off at midnight again and is still running almost 17 hours later. We are set to run at 2 processors.

Does this task do any housekeeping, making the next Suggestions run more efficient, or is this wishful thinking?

Is there anything I can do to speed up the process in the future?

I can see the logs still growing, and showing new parts being reviewed. At what point do you usually kill it? Purchasing is not too happy about not seeing Suggestions for 2 days. Right now I can let this run go for another 7 hours or so. They won’t be in tomorrow anyway.



Do have the same problem in a Test or Pilot environement?
Is there newly added directive on POSuggDtl (po suggestion table…from memory)?

Try increasing the number of processes to 4-6. It might be that it is encountering issues on a couple of parts and is not able to progress forward. For overnight processes I usually just keep increasing the number of processes until I don’t see a noticeable time difference.

@psiebers Have you tried running it with logging turned on? That way you can look through the log to see which parts are causing the issues with PO Suggestions. To do this, put in a Log name and select Suggestions from the drop-down list for Logging Level. You can change the Number of Processes to a higher number but you will have more logs to look through (1 main log and 1 log for each process).

All thanks for the replies. The process was left to run and it finished. Next day it was down to under 5 hours and has been at that. We are @ 2 processors, so I want to try to bump that up. In the meanwhile I am going to review the 5Gb logs…