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Purchasing has their Generate PO Suggestions that run daily at noon and midnight. We then have our Regen run on Sunday. Purchasing did not get all of the suggestions that they were expecting, but it says completed with no errors in the System Monitor. I was wondering if there is a way to see what happened, or how I can tell what that regen did and why it didn’t pull everything. Please, I need help on this as this trickle down effect could be very severe.

In the ‘Generate Suggestions’ dialog, you can specify a filename for a log file. The file is saved on the Application Server. It might give you some clues, but I personally haven’t found it super helpful.

Another approach is to start with the part(s) that purchasing was expecting to see but didn’t. Maybe look them up in the Time Phased Inquiry tool to see what Epicor is considering as their supply/demand.

If they are expecting to see PO Suggestions for job materials, maybe there is a known job number that is missing from suggestions. Check out the job in Job Tracker to see if it has been scheduled, if there are any open POs or transactions on the job materials in question, etc.

There are lots of ways to investigate.


Is there a query associated with PO Suggestions? If so, what is it? We are just going to reboot soon, and run the regen again and hope that works.

You want to look them up via a SQL Query or BAQ? PO Suggestion records are in the SugPoDtl table.

I looked it up in SQL, but I was wondering what baq runs this entire thing.

As far as I know, there is no single query you can run to tell you what the Generate Suggestions process is going to produce. It’s a complicated process.

If your purchasing team has reason to believe things are missing, start investigating those specific parts/jobs.


It is not a BAQ, it is custom code that Epicor wrote to run the process. There are so many variables to the process that you really need to look at each part individually to figure out why you are getting the results you are getting. If you have a part that was expected to have a suggestion, start with Time Phase and then review all of the settings that impact PO Suggestions for that part. Use the MRP Technical Reference guide to conduct your research.


Thanks guys. I will keep you all updated when I find out what happened. The reboot seems to have maybe helped.

Like the others said, it’s complicated and that’s what the logs are for.

I’m commenting mostly as a shameless plug for this thing I made:

It’s for MRP not PO suggestions but they are very similar, so you might reconfigure it to work for PO suggestions

And also to say that you might also add your vote to Tim’s idea (that’s what that post is actually about), and/or Mark’s idea (in the replies), since they seem to encompass your concerns also.

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Are you confident it did not generate suggestions it should have or are you taking purchasing’s word for it?

I am taking purchasing’s word for it. I have never seen the suggestions that they use, or how they view them, but they ‘say’ it is not correct.

You may be looking for a problem that doesn’t exist.

Like @andrew.johnson suggested, I would start with some examples of parts they expect to see suggestions for and use Time Phase and other tools to see if YOU expect MRP to be generating a suggestion.

Ah this is a good point - you can only see suggestions for buyers that you can impersonate… or I think you can also see suggestions with no buyer(?).

Long ago I made a dashboard to show all suggestions (change and new) since I didn’t give my self access to be a buyer (even though I could and knew how). I attached it. It’s very rudimentary (why did I not put the part descriptions?) but it’s enough for troubleshooting, which is all I have ever cared about.

AllPOSuggestions.dbd (184.7 KB)

This brings up another point that may have been said already: There are 2 types of suggestions in 2 different screens in Epicor. People can often forget about the change suggestions entirely. (You can’t see change suggestions in the “New PO Suggestions” screen.)

Here was the solution, though we are not sure what caused it.

We rebooted the servers, and that fixed it. Something was hung up somewhere but not sure where. I also remade the generate PO suggestions as some settings weren’t optimal for running this. Last run was successful so I will call that a win.

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