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Anyone else finding that the E10 solution manager isn’t as nice as E9; at least that is my opinion. Unless I am missing something I don’t like not seeing what is really selected in my solution. I don’t see how you can really verify what is in your solution.


I am confused, what is missing (Warning only been around in the E10 side so please educate!)

The Solution tab contains all the db records, the File contents for loose files and DB scripts are broken out for admin only application in Admin Console. We even show what solutions are installed now. So, what am I missing?

Thanks In Advance!

I have to agree with Kimberly on this one. I don’t have experience with E9, so I can’t compare to that, but,

It might be all there, but it is difficult to understand what it’s doing. I’ve tried using is a couple of times, and even successfully just recently, but I was never sure in the process that I had what I needed or if it was going to work.

Maybe it’s a training issue, but it should be more intuitive than it is.

If you are complaining about UX then you have a fan in me as well. I am more concerned about what I don’t know feature wise about the missing review that she mentioned.

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I would say this is what it is for me.

Hi Bart,

I’ve problem with solution manager here → Solution workbench with Extended UD Field - ERP 10 - Epicor User Help Forum

You need to use the zDataTable option but it works great

Ahh, ok, maybe I need to discuss this a bit more. Considering we just did feature complete this week in the platform team and planning for vNext is killing me, I’ll try to wedge in some whitepaper-ish time explaining the zdata system. I’ll assume someone here will pester me when I forget.

If you do have examples about SW, PLEASE speak up. I know we just did some enhancements to the command line tooling for it - to make repeatable deployments between systems easier - since my focus has moved to SaaS Ops tools, CLI options have been my focus of late. Beyond that, I struggle with the UX as well. I have some thoughts, would love to have others.


I’ve been racking my brain, we came up with something a while back. I finally remembered. Something simple and not sure if you could call it an enhancement or it is by design

Using the Delete solution action you can see any installed solutions, including CSG installed solutions, but those solutions don’t show up in the solutions search, unless you created a BAQ search. That doesn’t make it easy to be able to actually browse the content of the installed solution, which from time to time can be useful.

We are on 10.1.600.25

In E9 i like how it display…it can be cumbersome but in E10 I feel there are extra steps.

Here is E9…I create the solutions hit save and everything pulls in and listed below. When I select certain things like a Dashboard it will ask if I want the relataed BAQ. In E10 you have to got Add to solution then select the area you want pull in in…I am still trying to figure it out but I don’t like it at all.

Here is what it looks like in E9. Once i hit save everything pulls in and I can pick what I want and need all on same screen.



Is there any way to get the Solution Workbench to mass Export and Import Configurators? That was something I really wished we could have had the ability to do when we upgraded. Instead we had to Export and Import each of our Configurators one at a time (and we have a LOT of them).

Also, back in E9 we were able to create a Solution Definition and export that Definition and Import it so that all of our options for that Solution were saved and the Solution could be used in various databases without having to set it up from scratch each time. I would definitely like that feature put back into E10 if at all possible.

Thank you for any consideration on these things! :slight_smile:


Configurators - well any ERP content - is a major ask and well heard. No delivery vehicle yet :confused:

Perfect example I was looking for and thanks.

The ‘Element’ type on the left in E10 in the grid instead of the list of infinite tabs on the E9 right side. But the names do not align.
I assume if the names were fixed this would be less of an issue
E10 shows the raw table names (great for DBAs, bad for normal humans)
E9 shows the human understandable description of what they represent

Something like a check box to show ‘Technical Table Name’ versus ‘High Level Description for normal humans’ would solve this?

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@Bart_Elia For me its 99% UX. Most of everything you need is there, its how you access that info (and review it) thats a pain.


OK, quick summary…

  1. SW E10 defaults to ‘detail mode’ - actual names of what is occurring instead of higher level descriptions (and our descriptions need some TLC)

  2. ERP content
    Include everything is ideal but a *.* approach means least common denominator (e.g. - general naming and poor UX). Any particular area of ERP Content beyond the Configurator example?
    Put on your Product Owner hats for me to see if I missed anything from my list I won’t share so I don’t poison the conversation :wink:

  3. General ease of use. I have a few things I have considered over the years.
    The wedging of tracked and ad hoc pick and choosing of records has always bothered me though I don’t know why…
    Also the lack of a UX showing a tree on the left side - A dashboard consists of this BAQ child and that child. The lack of display of dependencies is confusing even if you may want to override the ‘helping hand’ a dependency approach would give you. (Some form of ‘Advanced Mode’ / ‘DBA mode’ in general for the form?)

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Probably the #1 biggest frustration for me has been after adding a gaggle of elements - if want to look at list to verify I got what I think I did - all I see is guids :stuck_out_tongue_closed_eyes:


One that that would be a great help would be a dependency checker. Kind of like what Kimberly said E9 used to do. For sure dashboard and BAQ. Customization should be able to be added in there too. I don’t know how BPM would work, but that would be awesome if there was a way to connect those for a solution (I’m sure that’s what tracked solution is supposed to do, and kind of what the directive group is supposed to do.) Maybe some child tables in the BPM screen where you can add linked things when you are making the BPM? I don’t have a great idea on that one, but maybe someone else does. It’s amazing how some places are really good at giving you the nudge that “hey, this might be related”, that would be super helpful, especially as your system grows, becomes more customized over time, and people come and go. (I know, documentation…:frowning_face:)

Just spitballing here.

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Epicor Hat Off
My 2 cents - if you have to doc you failed UX 101

Hat back on…
Have you dug into the ‘Tracked Solution’ feature? I have a love / hate with it.
Hit record, ‘play’ the app and add a customization,hit stop - everything sitting there in a solution waiting for you.
The issue for me personally is trying to translate the recorded items back to what I was doing. It might be the mental shift from UI element to the physical storage mechanism.
UI Dashboard -> DashBdDef, What the heck is XXDef? etc.
If we just clean up the physical name to a decent description is that enough? Not sure.

By the way, this whole thread probably needs to be moved to the feature request category. @josecgomez or others? Is that a possibility?

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I had no idea it worked like that. Where is the “record” button? I thought “tracked” meant that you added stuff to a list to help you track it internally.