Solution Workbench Improvements (Suggestions)

So this little feature is used by all of us, but at least thus far has been largely ignored from the rich new features that Epicor has been working on.
I figured it would be nice to throw out here a post with suggestions on how to improve Solution Workbench to better serve us all, specially since we use it more than anyone else.
Here’s my current list of Fixes / Suggestions

  1. Improve Search
    Currently in solution workbench there is 1 “Generic” search adapter that is used for all Element Types, this means that the search is helpful for none of them. There is no technical reason why we shouldn’t be able to invoke the default adapter search for each of the given elements which have one.
    For example when searching for Method Directives, bring up the well known Method Directive Search from Method Directive Entry, when searching BAQ’s bring in the BAQ Entry Search and for Customizations bring up the Cutomization Maintenance search.
    These search screens generally provide the right information / display to let you more easily pick what is you want to include in your solution.
    The current system is too generic and sometimes it takes quite a bit of effort to pick the right BAQ or BPM using the search

  2. When a solution is exported, export IT along (as an option)
    When you export a solution from solution workbench you should have the option to include the solution itself. Right now it exports the components, but the solution definition is left behind. This can be inconvenient because sometimes we go and move a solution from System A to System B and then make changes in System B then we want to be able to once again export that solution and have to re-create it.

  3. Include extended properties specifically as an exportable element in the solution workbench
    Changing extended properties in standard and UD fields is pretty common and there is no way to grab just those changes in solution workbench. It would be great to be able to grab these.

  4. I’m sure this is already coming, but include Epicor Functions as exportable in solution workbench

  5. Highlight changes after items have been added to the solution workbench.
    If an item is changed after it has been added to solution workbench highlight it (yellow, or something) in the selection grid. Reset this once the solution has been exported

  6. For solution tracking allow us to specifically exclude certain business objects (Report monitor) from tracking

I have no idea if Epicor will or will not read these (they read EVERYTHING… right @Bart_Elia!) , but I can guarantee you they won’t if it doesn’t exist, so please pile on (CONSTRUCTIVELY) and let us hope we can get their attention.

What he said…

When you export a Report Style, it asks to you to include a .rdl – however unlike the Report Style Maintenance it doesnt include the “Sub-Reports”. So when you want to export JobTrav for example, you can’t use Solution Workbench.

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The search screen especially for menu items is a chore. I usually sort by the -c arguments to find what I need.

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Yes! while(1) this++;

Yes this is great enhancements! :+1::+1::+1::+1::+1: