[SOLVED] Group multiple results into one line

Hi all,

I have a simple BAQ that displays the operations (and other job details) on a job. On the example attached, there are 5 operations, therefore the BAQ displays 5 lines.
Is it possible to modify this where there will be only one line per job, and one column that shows all the operation sequences and/or another column that shows all the operation codes?

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Thanks for the link @ckrusen

I used it for a BAQ that groups together Order lines with the same Product Group.

The upper pane is summary (Lines with the same Product Group on the same order), the lower shows the individual lines.

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Thanks @ckrusen finally got it working…however I still get a comma at the end of the results. do you know how to get rid of it?


I think I made a calculated field that took that value and just trncated it if the last character was a comma.

Case when substring(Lines, len(Lines), 1) = ',' then substring(Lines, 1, len(Lines)-1)  else Lines end;

Lines is the field that holds the comma sep text.


thanks this worked ! (P.S. added “end” at the end of the code)

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