Something I'm thinking of working on



Those .zip files inside are supposed to be .baq files, but I’m an idiot an made a typo in the code.

Video corrected and reuploaded.

Can you use it for all objects (forms, UD fields, etc) or just BAQs?

If I chose to go down this road, that’s the plan.

Similar to what we were talking about in this thread:


Well done Kevin!
You made a better user experience than Epicor has been able to do over the years this feature has been asked for. I am interested in this solution, as you know.


I’m not committing to this yet, but I’ll tell you more of what I’m thinking.

The App will be plugin based.

The Kinetic App will be dynamically generated based off of what plugins are available.

I’m hoping we can crowdsource the development, if people are willing.

Note: Import is a whole different conversation. But we can have it at some point.


Awesome! I am active on GitHub if that’s what you mean by Crowdsource. I’m not currently working on Epicor but I will come back to it soon, once this other development project is complete. I would certainly want to help out.

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To be fair, this BAQ one was made easy by work Epicor just completed in 2023.1.

To do it in earlier versions is doable but requires about 5x the work. If there is enough demand I’ll figure that out.

Ditching solutions and using github would be the best change yet…

I have been using solutions heavily lately and I have a to say I am weary…very weary of it…

I’d love to have a way to just have things export, and not have the worry of other team members modifying a dashboard that was in a solution…Boom it’s disappeared automagically from solution.

Predictive searches not even begin able to be added,

unusual log entries when adding a solution which make you doubt if it worked correctly.

Out of the box you can’t actually tell what was the contents of a imported solution…

Someone in your team deleting a who master solution by mistake…then realizing you can’t paste insert…

Oh yeah feeling like a second class citizen when you raise cases about system management tools.

:cry: :sob: :cry: :sob: :cry:

Thanks Kev You’ve made my day… Need a tester please let me know.

That’s awesome!!!

Curious, what changed with BAQ’s in 2023.1 that makes this 5x easier to develop?

They finished coding the server side export function to accommodate UBAQs.

Beforehand, depending on version, you couldn’t do UBAQs or had to build the baq export yourself from pieces.

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It’s like a duck call, but it summons @Mark_Wonsil


I spent 10 minutes trying to figure out why my sound wasn’t working… Who uploads to youtube with no sound!!!

Pro tip, is a sweet little program that will record your screen and turn it into a gif that you can upload here. I use it all the time.


ScreenToGIF is legit. Same thing I use for mine.


I’ll sing on the next one.

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Cant Take It Back No Second Chances GIF by CBS

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I love it! We are hearing you by the way and many internal discussions have been had around options and where to start how far to go etc… I don’t want any of you to stop your own innovations keep it up. But even though it may not look like it at times we are listening.


I have had these ideas for years. Functions would not look the way they do (promote/demote/staging/live) if there was some, er, any communication.

Like Zero Trust, DevOps is far more than export/import (or tooling in general) but a mindset. Microsoft and Sales Force have this mindset - even for the low-coders. I would love to see it happen here. Source code is necessary but security, testing, deployment, and observability are too.

What have been the concerns from the Epicor side? We’re listening! DevOps is about closing the circle from dev to users. I look forward to closing that circle.

Thanks! Seriously!


Hand the man a microphone…He was not to shabby at impromptu vocals in the sessions and insights…