Specific Supplier Pricelist against Specific customer/group

we’re starting to setup supplier pricing for a Epicor site and have a new complication, Some of the suppliers have additional discounts for a few of the sites customers, it’s not every product or a set percentage, so we’d like to be able to say if x customer buys x product then the cost price comes off x supplier pricelist, and if so when the system generates a Purchase order for these goods from the supplier in question it needs to quote the pricelist/contract number

anyone know the best way to run this for ease of maintenance ongoing, Pricing is not my thing so if I’ve missed something obvious feel free to let me know

Turns out this is accomplished by adding a unique pricelist under “customer pricelists” and promoting it above your normal pricing

will work on getting it to note which contract it’s pulling pricing from and add that to the PO line

we’re a bit stuck on the second part of this, we need the pricing this specific customer gets from one of our suppliers to be noted on the Purchase order the system raises…

so customer Z gets a price of $30 per item as opposed the normal price of $40 per item from supplier A, in turn we get a $10 discount on the normal buy price of any item this customer buys from supplier A, we need Epicor to reflect the lower buy price in both the orders Margin and put the reference number of this special pricing for this customer on the PO against the line items for Supplier Z that come under that special price

Did you get any feedback on this? we’re implementing E10 and running into the same problem. I will share any solution we come up with here.

unfortunatly no, it seems quite a simple thing to be asking for, how Epicor implements pricelists is a bit odd also… having to select your part before being able to display the list of your product that you can buy from that supplier

it would make more sense in my eyes to select the supplier and then have it display a nice big list of all products you buy from that supplier

how it implements price breaks is also a bit painful, I feel that I’m far from an expert at this stage though.

after a bit more hunting, I’ve logged an Epiccare case

the Epicare case ended up being advised to either request a customization ($$$$$) or add it to the “idea’s” request list…

the site that wants this is not big enough for $$,$$$ thus it’s on the idea’s list as ERP-I-672