Split labor for hours earned - 2 people on one operation

I am sure this has been addressed many times here, but search is crappy so I cannot find exactly what I am looking for. Here is the scenario

Job 123 has a standard build time of 4 hours.

Vic works on Job 123 Monday for 3 hours. He cannot finish and parts. He logs 3 hours against the job, no parts completed.

Jeb finishes the Job Tuesday in 1 hour. Jeb moves all parts thru.

Vantage says:
Vic earned 0 hours, and has 3 labor hours. 0% efficiency.
Jeb earns 4 hours, has 1 labor hour. 400% efficiency.

But between them, they both are at 100% efficiency.

Is there a way to have Vantage split earned hours proportionally between everyone who is logged in to that operation?

Keith Walter