SRRS Visual Studio RDL Deployment

All, I am hoping that someone has run into this issue and can provide some assistance. I am trying to deploy a custom quote form report. The Visual Studio deployment is successful but when I try to download the rdl via Epicor’s Report Style Maintenance program I get a path not found error.

I have tried deleting all of the rdl files in SSRS and redeploying but that does not fix the problem. I also tried creating a new directory in SSRS, setting the report style to that directory and deploying, but that also did not fix the problem.

So, where is Epicor getting this link information if not the report style?



When you said Visual Studio deployment is successful, can you print the report with your report style?

Have you tried uploading a SSRS report from Epicor and see if the file exist on the server?

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Does your report location path look like the ones on the stock reports?


I cannot download the report via Epicor. The same error appears indicating that the report cannot be found. When I check the path in SSRS I can see the report, so not sure where Epicor is looking up the path.

My report location is reports/CustomReports/QuoteForm/QuoteForm.rdl

Have you tried uploading and see if it works?

I would start from checking the settings in the Reporting Service Configuration Manager and the Reporting Services Setting in the Epicor Administration Console, go to your Application Server Configuration and check under Reporting Services. Test the Connection…

I am thinking it maybe security issue…

Hi and sorry for the late reply. I have checked everything I can think of, as well as the areas you pointed out and the configuration looks OK. Deploying from Visual Studio is always successful, it’s just the Epicor connection that is failing. I cannot download, upload, sync dataset, nothing from Epicor. The user account is a security manager, but I will try logging on as manager to see if that makes a difference.

Hi @JDabevsky, do you have to set any specific settings to be able to deploy your reports from visual studio? I can see my reports in Report manager and upload them with my user but still can’t deploy them from visual studio.