SSRS Add New Field to Report

Hi All,

First Attempt at customizing a report.

We have a custom SSRS report for AR Invoices, I had a request to add the Invoice Balance to the report.

I’ve gone to “Report Data definition” brought up “Code” “ARInvoice”, made a copy for my own testing then went to Data Sources Tab - Exclusions and removed the check mark on ExcludeLabel and Exclude Column on the field DspDocInvoiceBal.

I then went to Report Style Maintenance brought up the form ARForm, made a copy of that as well, save dit and downloaded to my PC.

Opened up file ARFormTechInn3.rdl

But I am not seeing the field DspDocInvoiceBal in the datasets for ARForm, am I missing a step?

I always have to edit the rdl to manually add the field in.
Add a field to SSRS RDL report dataset - ERP 10 - Epicor User Help Forum (

Whatever you do “DO NOT” hit “that” button!

Sync Dataset is not your friend.



Thanks, I followed that and got the field added, but I am getting the below error when tyring to test the report.

Thats a tough one to figure out. Make sure your syntax is good. Verify the SQL syntax in the rdl query. Then verify the field is added in the field list in the rdl. After that, make sure you didn’t flub the syntax for a calculated expression in the rdl.

Something is wrong with the dateset query and it’s erroring.
You may get more specifics from the the ICE event log on the application server.

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Did you update your new Report Style with the reference of the new Report Data Definition?
If so, could you be so kindly to provide the piece of query that was updated on the report? seems to be a syntax error.

Hi All,

Thanks for the help, I put the T1 tag in the wrong spot I guess, was able to work it out and now the report works!.