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I’m experiencing something strange in SSRS and really have been since day 1 on E10. I will use AR Form as an example. I’ve copied the style/report. Done nothing at all to it and it previews just fine except long part descriptions are cut off. If I increase the text box height by even a single point or check “Allow height increase”, the form breaks. This is not limited to just this form. The error is ALWAYS "The expression references the field ‘PayDiscDays’, which does not exist in the Fields collection. But it does exist. If I undo my changes, the form is just fine with no error.

My Epicor consultant says it is an Epicor bug which is fixed in 10.2.600… Hate to go through the upgrade, especially so soon after release, to find out that it is still an issue. Anyone hear this?
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I just went through this with Calc_PrintBottomAddress. I checked the dataset and the field collection (even went into the rdl with Notepad++ and they are there). I’m not sure why this happens from time to time. Yesterday the invoice forms printed without any issue. Today, none of the companies could print invoices.

It is a layout/data issue. The error is bogus though. In my case, if I leave the Allow height increase box checked and print an invoice where the part description is short and doesn’t need to expand, it is fine. Print one with a long description and the error comes back.

Is it an Epicor bug or an SSRS bug?

Good question. All I was told is that it is a known issue that Epicor has fixed in 10.2.600…

I know this morning when I tried to simply “Generate for Design”, it gave me the error. So I’m thinking Epicor does some kind of check before processing. The only way I could fix it is to get into the report server and edit the form directly.

Definitely irritating especially when I am trying to move over to SSRS/DocStar from Crystal/APM. It really becomes a problem when accounting is trying to send numerous invoices within a group.

Mr. Chris: as a workaround you can Hide the Visibility formula for the ARForm_CashDiscountInfo subreport and the Invoice will then print.

I just commented out the reference and the inovoices will print. Eventually Epicor will offer a fix and you can turn the reference back on.

Really?? Mine is set to Show and there’s no expression. Should I just Hide it?

Mr. Chris: Are you looking at the Visibility for the Tablix “Row” or are you looking at the visibility for the rectangle?

The standard Epicor form has a variable for that row.


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Both are set to Show. However, unfortunately, I set them both to Hide, set the part description text box to increase height and the error is back…

Mr. Chris: Is it the same error? referencing the PayDiscDays?

Yes the same exact error

That field reference must be used in more than one place, or in a different place than I have seen.

You could download the RDL to your local - open up the RDL in a text editor - search for PayDiscDays and either update the XML or try to guess the context and open the ARForm in Report Builder and hide that reference.

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The fix implemented in 10.2.600 was also moved to 500 and 400, which version are you using?

Basically change the Hidden Expression from this:


To this:


I am on 10.2.400.7

Where is this expression located on the AR Form?

I think I got it. DaveOlender gave me a breadcrumb to follow. I removed some sub-reports that I know will never apply to us. “Squished” a few things together. Set part description to increase height and it prints/previews perfectly. I’ll have to test with other AR invoices but this is good news!!!

That makes sense, the fix was applied starting at 400.12

The row is the ARForm_CashDiscountInfo subreport as shown by @DaveOlender
See below screenshot as well

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I have a similar error while printing invoices. I am not 100% sure which area on the form is causing the error.


You must be using some really old or weird rdl because field Calc_PrintBottomAddress is not new.
It should be defined in the Data Definition as a calculated field of InvcHead and part of the query for dataset ARForm.