SSRS Label Printing via HH

We have a CN80 that is configured to RD into our Epicor terminal server. From there it auto launches epicor -hh Application works great on this device but I’m having a problem trying to print. I have logged into the desktop client and set up a SSRS Printer. This printer is also set up on our print server. However, when I select this printer from the handheld and select print, nothing happens. Is there other configurations that I may be missing? I cannot find documentation on this.


Is your print server the same server that your Epicor Task Agent is running on? We had the same problem, and needed to install the printer on (and share it from) the same server as the Task Agent. See point 2 under “Guidelines to Implementing Server-Side Printing in Your Environment” below:

No, our print server is a different box. Sounds to me like server side printing is the way to go. Let me get it added to that box and see.

Thanks for the help and article!

That did the trick. I added the label printer to the app server and its prints fast!