SSRS Render Report via C# in Custom Code

Is there a library in Epicor that will allow me to call the SSRS asmx report renderer? I would like to call the asmx web service from a custom code in a customized form UI to output a PDF.

I have done this in the past in a web app but with the customized form, it would seem like I would need additional work to get it to work on all the client machines.

Short answer - no.

Epicor’s SSRS installation is exposed to the Application Server and is not addressable from the Clients via any Helper functions. The Epicor implementation isolates the reporting DB from the Transactional DB and reduces SSRS security maintenance (and issues) to only the Application Pool user.

In the Epicor reporting model, data is extracted from the transactional DB based on the filter criteria entered for the report. That data is then written to instance specific transient tables in the reporting DB which is what the SSRS reports run against. In the recommended configuration there is no connection from the reporting DB to the Transactional DB.

It is possible to configure an SSRS portal against the Transactional DB so that Custom reports can be executed from the Client directly against the Epicor data tables but SSRS / SQL Security and Security maintenance should be carefully considered.

In 10.1.600 a new capability for using hierarchical BAQs with criteria prompting and filtering was added to be used as the data source for Custom BAQ reports. While that is still executed from the AppServer, the capability should be reviewed for custom reporting.

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You can create the Print Job from the customized code though