SSRS report crowded text rendering

I think I’ve seen this randomly on SSRS reports, but a user asked me to investigate today. I tried changing the style from italic to normal, and the font from Arial to Calibri. No effective change. Any ideas?

So that’s all one field with the value ...M-B594, CL... ??

What happens if you make the font smaller (Keeping the field the same size)?

Same problem - just even harder to read. :smile: And yes, that’s a B and a 5 trying to occupy the same space for who knows what reason.

The text box is the full width of the page. It grows in height to fit (apparently).

Which SQL / SSRS Verion are you on?

GovCloud version, I guess…? Heh. We used upgrade services to move to a hosted environment earlier this year. I think weird little artifacts existed before that, though. I just recently downloaded ReportBuilder for a new computer. It’s re-skinned but seems basically the same as what I had before.

Does it appear that way in Report builder Run mode? In Run mode with Print Layout selected?

Same thing in print preview and in sending to printer? What about other formats like EMF ?


more brainstorming …

Does it do that in a label?
Or if you set the value of that field to the text that the dataset contains.
For example, the expressions of:

  • ="Ipsum LORUM-B594, CLAVICAL"
  • =Fields!Address1.Value

I haven’t figured out how to supply report builder with data to test. I just upload to the environment and try changes (typically in pilot). I’m WFH so I can’t test with hard copy either. I’m not sure what EMF is except electro-magnetic frquency :wink:

OK, EMF was easy enough. Opened in something with an Epicor logo I’ve never looked at before. Something new every day… But still rendering badly in that one spot.

Here’s that field in EMF / standard style. Text is all pretty crowded, but nothing extreme.

To test from in report builder, first run the report from in E10, and set the Archive period to a day or 1 week.

After it renders, open System monitor and copy the GUID from the report row

Put this in the GUID parameter when you “run” the report in Report Builder

There’s not a way to use the GUID with SaaS, to my understanding. I think I can download data for a crystal report, but not for SSRS.

Justin is correct. Report Builder does not have direct access to the SSRS SQL Server.

Using the GUID isn’t downloading anything. It’s just a value to tell the rendering program where the data resides. The RDL should contain the connection info that is used for retrieving the data when it is rendered, and the GUID is used to specify which temporary set of data to use.

But I’m not really familiar with the details of E10 on SaaS. So maybe you’re SOL

Did anyone ever figure out how to fix this issue? I’m running into it on my Job Traveler in the line comments.

I must’ve, but I searched my old conversations and can’t find any clues to how. Best guess is that I changed the font/formatting on that object in the RDL. Sorry!