SSRS Label prints condensed

I have a Zebra ZP 450 connected to my computer via USB. When trying to print a SSRS report (label) the print is 4 to 5 times smaller than what it should be. Hard to explain but basically it is printing the data but the actual print on a 4x6 label is like 1 x 2 at the top and in the middle and incredibly small font size, can’t even read it. Almost like it is condensing the entire print into this small area. The report is setup as Customer Paper Size of 4x6, all margins at .125 (actual size of layout is 3.5 x 5.5). When I print to the SSRS Client Printer the Page Settings are Paper Kind: 4.00" x 6.00", Paper Height: 600, Paper Width: 400. I can preview this and the PDF is fine, 4x6 and the quality is good. I have tried both PDF and EMF format types.

This is all to try to get the quality of the SSRS Label as good as the Crystal Report is currently. Read the post reading SSRS Label quality, looking into BarTender (I have used it previously and works great) for next year possibly but for now trying to get all old Crystal converted to SSRS, 4 of these labels left to go.

Any ideas?

Try looking at the settings for the label printer. I’ve had many issues converting Crystal Reports to SSRS labels.Good luck.

Any resolution to your label print issue? I’m in EXACTLY the same boat - Converting CR labels to SSRS format (non-Bartender), 4x6 report size in SSRS, printer set for 4x6, labels come out as if printing a 8.5x11 SSRS report on a label. I doubled the page size in SSRS and no difference so it appears that the Zebra printer isn’t accepting the page size from SSRS and assuming 8.5x11 always.

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Crazy you are dealing with the same exact thing @MNlesta ! I could never figure it out.

@jdewitt6029 @slitzau

I have found that if you preview the label and then print from the PDF it will print correctly.

If you are On-Prem i have heard that installing the label printer driver on the SSRS server can help this. If you are cloud then that is not an option.

You could also try a different driver - the UPS ZP 450 is designed to work with UPS software only. But the printer will print with other drivers.

I have seen this in the past and what i think is happening is the system is taking your 4x6 an formatting it for a ful 8.5 x 11 and then scaling it down to print on a 4 x 6.

Sadly i barely remember what i had for breakfast so i do not remember the exact fix.



Dang Dave, if you could dig DEEP into that memory and remember what you did to fix this that would be sweet.

I believe the same thing was true for me when I was dealing with it, the PDF printed fine.

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Thanks Dave for the info. It appears that this is something which has been around for a long time and likely won’t be “fixed” by Epicor any time soon because it’s nothing involving Epicor. As for your theory my thought is that what is happening is that the SSRS page size is just being totally ignored. I created a SSRS page size of 16x22 (double a page) thinking that would flow through and give me a label of the size I want but no-go - the same shrunken size came through. This would indicate to me that the printer is always assuming that what it is fed is 8.5x11 all the time and shrinks down from there. I’ll try experimenting with drivers to see if that will do the trick.

Well, that was a bust. I added the print drivers to the SSRS server (where the report files are stored and where I edit them), modified the report (thinking it needs to be updated to somehow bring in the driver info) aaaaaaaaaaaand I get the same results (shrunk). I’m thinking there has to be some step that I’m missing relative to the “connection” of the SSRS report to the print driver info (in effect embedding in the report the driver info???) but have no idea what that would be. Anybody have a suggestion???

If someone had the answer to this that’d be so amazing.

Maybe the answer is try using bartender?

Interesting you should mention that. I had considered that option but got the rude shock that you have to pay seat licenses for bartender. Currently we have 10 (which is good enough for us) but if we started printing using bartender everywhere on the floor then we’re going to have to up our seat licenses by probably around triple the number (if not more). I did stumble upon Epicor’s official response (KB0042233) and basically they wash their hands of it. At least they give a detailed explanation of why it happens.

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I’m going to check that KB out now, thanks for posting it!

And yeah, $eats aren’t free unfortunately :frowning: I do like the software though.

@utaylor were you able to resolve this without using bartender?

I never was able to solve it, @slitzau were you?

I am remote and the labels would condense when sending them to a printer at my location but print fine in the office, the biggest challenge is quality, someone else mentioned using EMF format, which does print better quality but then the user need to remember to select it. I customized one the label forms in Epicor we were testing using SSRS to auto set the format to EMF. In my opinion BarTender is the way to go, the cost to benefit ratio is well worth it, and the ease of label design and using Integrations for label automation is the way to go.

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Yes, I agree!

About a year later, we are working on SSRS labels printed via Server Printer from Epicor. Same results happen for me when trying to print a 4x6 label from an RDL file.
Thanks for having this discussion years ago so that I didn’t have to scratch my head and mess with settings for too long.

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@slitzau another person having the same issue…

I don’t think either of us ever got to the bottom of this.

We were hoping to get it working in SSRS, since we are upgrading to the Epicor Cloud-based system this year. Apparently, Bartender isn’t very well supported in the upgrade.

Do you know, does this issue persist whether you’re working with a server or client printer? Our next step was to just move to client printing.

Erik, I tapped out a long time ago because I couldn’t figure out what it was. @slitzau might have an answer for you, but as I recall he wanted to change to BT.

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