SSRS Report Error

In E11 Kinetic, while developing and testing SSRS report , once uploaded in the system against corresponding report style, and during runtime if any error occurs, in the system monitor , can’t able to find the exact error instead it throws error as shown below.

Please let me know if there are any ways to find the exact error…

You need to submit a ticket to Epicor asking for them to enable remote errors. If you are hosted by Epicor.

Thanks John… will do the same…

In BAQ Report Designer, under option field, i am passing the Invoice Date in one of the Option Field. When running the report, i am getting the required date in the option field. I have created a new Parameter in Report and assigned the option field. In my dataset under expression , i am trying for case syntax. If i compare the dataset date with this new parameter, getting the error in system monitor where i can’t able to figure this error.

I have used the below mentioned query in dataset expression.

=“SELECT [InvcHead_InvoiceNum],[Calculated_InvoiceLevel],SUM(case when [Calculated_UnAppliedCash] = 0 and [InvcHead_InvoiceDate] < Parameters!ApplyDate.Value then [Calculated_InvoiceBal] else 0 end) as ‘PREVBAL’ FROM dbo.[BAQReportResult_” + Parameters!TableGuid.Value + “] group by [InvcHead_InvoiceNum],[Calculated_InvoiceLevel]”

This expression throws error at runtime… if i remove the invoice date condition, then report is working fine.

Please let me know whether this query will work in ssrs dataset expression query…

Returning errors to the client is considered to be in bad (security) taste. The error is in the Server Log, which you can securely access using @klincecum handy Dashboard:

I’m running Epicor in the Web. Doesn’t that mean it is not being returned to the client?

I see the error right in the System Monitor.

Hmm. I’ve always seen the cryptic error in the System Monitor. But I never had Epicor change that flag for me.

Back when I had to walk to school uphill both ways, and I was on prem, I would go to the SSRS Error Log on the server to see what the specific error was. Now it just shows up in my System Monitor :grinning:

I guess when we were using 10.2.500, before the Internet, we didn’t see the errors. :rofl: