SSRS Report Modification

I’m trying to modify the Labor Edit Report within e10. I found a video on how to add parameters in Report Builder.

However, when I follow the instructions in the video no parameters get populated. Is this because it is a canned report or is there something I am missing?

Epicor does not natively allow additional parameters in the way you are using it. What is the end goal?


The end goal is to be able to parameters and filter by them not just in this report but in future ones I run into. I’m hoping to find a dynamic way of filtering. Using the labor report as an example, say an employee is moved under a new supervisor. I would want the old supervisors scheduled report to no longer show him and have him show up on the new supervisors list without having to rebuild the report.

You may be able to customize the Labor Edit Report screen to be able to add that value as a filter. Then you can use that value in the SSRS report.


Do you have documentation on how to do this or a video I could follow?

I think there are some instructions there. If you want the report change based on database, check out @ckrusen 's comment in that topic.

@ckrusen Could you walk me through how to set up a report from scratch for a cloud based system? After seeing what was done in the above post I believe that would be extremely helpful!

First off, our system is not cloud based. So my instructions might not be exactly the same for you.

What type of report?

  1. A modified version of an Epicor Supplied report, just the layout. No new fields needed, just moving some things around, or showing fields that are currently supplied, but not shown. For example, Adding text to bottom of the AR Form to show remittance info.

  2. A modified version of an Epicor Supplied report, with new fields needed.

  3. A BAQ Report, based on a BAQ you created.

@ckrusen I want to create a new SSRS report from scratch with only SupervisorID from the EmpBasic table on it and use that to create a parameter to filter another report.

Will the “other report” be a sub-report (.i.e embedded in you EmpBasic SSRS)?

And is this other report an Epicor supplied report? Or another report you’ll make from scratch?

@ckrusen the other report will have the one we are building embedded in it, and it is an Epicor supplied report


Look at:

that’s a post with 23 steps to create a subreport for use in a standard (RDD based) report

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