SSRS report - PDF Barcode not printing

When we try to print an SSRS report to PDF, we are not seeing the barcode font when previewing in PDF. We have the Dataworks 39 barcode font installed correctly but it is not showing in the PDF document. Is there a setting to print barcodes in the PDF settings or is this something set up in Report Builder?

Do they show up in Edge or Chrome? Font isn’t being embedded into the pdf for some reason is my guess.

Do you have Barcodes enabled in the company settings?



Edit #2

Print Bar Codes

The Print Bar Codes functionality is used in several modules to control whether bar codes can be printed on certain reports/forms. To print bar codes in the Epicor application, you must do the following:

  • You must select this Print Bar Codes check box here in the company Inventory Configuration.
  • You must install the Epicor Bar 39 font in the windows/fonts directory.
  • You must select the Bar Code option for the specific report you are printing.
  • You must be using Crystal Reports to print that report or form.

I just enabled it but it is still not showing in PDF. The standard Job Traveler report shows the barcodes correctly but it is in Crystal.

It prints default to Chrome and it does not show in Chrome.

Is it a built-in report that already has barcodes in it (like Job Traveler)? Or a customized report that you’re adding Barcodes to?

Try printing the built-in version of Job Traveler with Barcodes enabled

The report was developed in SSRS Report Builder and so even when I changed the report style to use Crystal Reports, it does not print preview. Does Barcodes work with SSRS report types? The Pack Slip does not have an option to select BarCode.

This issue rings a bell… So I did a quick test and see something odd.

Previewing the Standard - SSRS Job Traveler with Barcodes enabled shows the fields, but not as barcodes:


When I open that report in SSRS Report Builder and preview (with the same GUID) I get what you’d expect:

But when I switch Report Build to display in “Print Layout”, I get:

Try the following:

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Yes, that is exactly what I am seeing too. Print Layout doesn’t displaying the barcodes and standard - SSRS doesn’t display it either like you are seeing.

I read the solution but I have the font installed on my PC and rebooted but it still does not show. In your screenshots, when you preview with the GUID, it works fine which leads me to believe the font is installed. Its odd that when you go to print preview or in PDF, it no longer is displayed.

I have the font installed on my workstation (where Report Builder is running), The App Server, and our SQL server. And still only ever see it in the one instance.

If I use the Export function in Report Builder to make a PDF, the resulting pdf doesn’t show the barcodes. And the PDF’s properties don’t list that font.


I walked through the solution from that other post (except for the restart servers), and when I right click the font, I don’t see an “Install All users”. I only see an “Install”

Might be a permissions issue with install all users. I am not seeing the fonts within PDF also. I think it might be the way Report Builder is not print previewing in print layout mode.

Try running report builder from the SSRS server. Make sure you can select the barcode font correctly when editing the SSRS report from the server. If you can’t select it from the server the font isn’t installed correctly on the server. Once the font is installed correctly on the server client computers that are not editing reports should not need it.

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I tried it on the SSRS report server and locally on my PC where I am able to select the Dataworks Barcode 39 font. When running the report in report builder, it displays but when I select Print Layout, then it no longer displays


I wonder if this is the issue:

Maybe, but I’m not sure why I don’t have permissions to unrestrict it on my own PC. Have you tried it if it works for you?

We had to install the DWBAR39 on our SSRS reporting server since that is where they are rendered.

here is a KB from EpiCare.


How would we do this if I am trying it first locally on my PC where I have it installed? How do I restart the SQL report server? Does a reboot of the PC also reboot the SQL report server locally on my PC?

The following is pure speculation on my part

I was assuming that the “Restritced” nature was something set by the font provider.

When doing a classical print (from any program) where the output is a piece of paper from a printer, the OS allows the print driver to render the barcode image it is to send to the printer. The font info is not required by the printer.

When creating a PDF, the PDF creation want’s to embed the font (any font, not just barcodes) in the PDF, for maximum flexibility. But since the font in question is not embeddable, the PDF only contains the text.
When the PDF is viewed, it substitutes one of the other embedded fonts.