SSRS Reports-Add Page number in page body without Report Header and Report Footer

Hi, Are there any way to add page number in page boy without Report Header and Report Footer in SSRS reports?

Ms. Lynn: I do not know of a way to get page numbers without a header or footer.

Maybe one of our guru’s knows a “trick” ?


Would it be fair to ask… but why? :slight_smile: I like to enforce best practices and standards.

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  1. Add it to the header and give a name to the textbox (by example txtPageNumber)
  2. Hide the header
  3. Add a text box in the body and change it’s expression for =ReportItems!txtPageNumber.Value

As others mentioned you’ll need the header at least.

Also, there are limits to what you can do with the page numbers…

  • compared to Crystal which assigns numbers as each page is processed
  • SSRS on the other hand, renders all the pages before assigning the page numbers.

Thank you for your reply.
After I did the following expression =ReportItems!txtPageNumber.Value in textbox . SSRS can’t be saved.
It shows error as Report item expressions can only refer to other report items within the same grouping scope or a containing grouping scope.