Standard Costing question

I'm hoping some Controller-types with Vantage experience might be able to
help us with a dilemma.

We are using Standard Cost. When we roll up the costs on a Top Level
Assembly that has subreports, the "Roll UP" will add up all the material,
labor, and burden on each subassembly and use that for the Top Level
Assembly's Mtl, Labor, and Burden.

When a Subassembly is manufactured and then received back to stock, a
Mfg-Var (variance) is recorded on that assembly for any variance in
Material, Labor, or Burden. Later, when that Subassembly is Issued
(Stk-Mfg) to the Upper Level Assembly, all of it's Cost (Mtl + Labor +
Burden) is considered Material on the Upper Assembly. This creates an
automatic problem. The variance on the Material for the Top Level Assembly
will be overstated by the (Labor + Burden) from the subassembly. Thus, we
have huge variances showing up in our Variance Account in the GL.

IF anyone could follow my stunted logic above, can you help me think of a
way to handle this situation? Is there a way for the Roll UP to change the
breakdown of Mtl, Labor, Burden so that it reflects how the Material will be
issued rather than by the complete roll up of all subasssemblies? Is there
a different way of handling the jobs in Vantage to do this differently?

I'm facing a converned President and Controller who are asking tough

Troy Funte
Liberty Electronics