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Hi I am new here.

I was told by my company that I should learn how to use and customize Epicor since we use it for our manufacturing job orders.
My question is how do I start? Where do I Start?
I have access to ERP10 Environment, ERP10 MES, ERP10 Pilot MES, and SandBox.
ERP10 MES is what the shopfloor uses to log jobs in and move them to next sequences.

I would like to start out by having emails being sent out when a job is moved to a new sequence.
How exactly or where exactly do I go to start tinkering with this.

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Hi @Nuruchima ,

Go to your EpicWeb account and download your version of Epicor’s Customization documentation and read through carefully.

For more advance stuff, this forum is the best place to ask questions :slight_smile:

I don’t have access to that though? I am using the same username and password that i used to create it here.

That would be a different format of credential.
Please send an email to and explain.
They should be able to assist you.
This might take a few days (heads-up!)

Along with the suggestion above, it may be helpful to get a few hours with a consultant. You could do general training or even pay to have someone walk you through an example project.

For the project you were tasked with, you could use a Data Directive. You’ll want to reference the Business Process Management section of the ICE Tools User Guide for your version. Most of the work you’ll do with be in the ERP10 Environment.

I’m not familiar with how Epicor knows which sequence a job is on. However, with a Data Directive you can tell Epicor to send an email when a data field changes to a certain value, for example.


Hi @Nuruchima ,

Like @jnbadger said you certainly can get external help.
I assume by “when a job is moved to a new sequence” you mean when an operation is completed (thus moving to the next operation).

You should be able to create a Data Directive on LaborDtl when the Operation is marked as complete and job complete is not checked, send an email.

Setting up email itself requires some Company Maintenance and possibly some IT help (spam filters, …) adjustments. So I agree with @jnbadger about doing this the first time with help of a consultant.

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There is another topic on how to start off with Epicor here:

When a job is moved to a new sequence, I guess you mean when an operation complete. You can create a Data BPM to monitor the JobOper Complete flag.


Hi, if you need any assistance on Finance side then do let me know.

I would start by identifying the functional leads/owners of Epicor in your company and meeting with them to understand, on an intimate level, how your company is using Epicor. Watch them carry out processes step by step. Get to know as much as you can about the business processes, especially the WHY behind certain decisions. Get a feel for what’s working well and what isn’t.

Once you have a good baseline of functional knowledge / perspective, you’re ready to dive in to learning the ICE toolset (BAQs, BPMs, customizations, etc). Personally, I would start with BAQs (aka writing SQL queries with a GUI tool that Epicor calls a BAQ). Why? EVERYTHING revolves around data. You need to understand the structure and character of the database before you can do most of the things you’re going to end up wanting to do. One great way to get a feel for the database structure is to use the Field Help in the user interface to see what tables are involved in each screen.