Status Balloon Properties Grayed out

Epicor 9.05.604A

We have some users who don’t have the ability to click on anything from the actions menu in system monitor. All of the options under “Action” are grayed out. Now I know some of them will be due to them not being setup as a security manager, but the one that baffles me is why the ‘status balloon properties’ option would be grayed out for these users, anyone have an idea as to why? I’ve messed around in User Acct. Maint but haven’t found an option that grays the balloon properties option out.

Thanks for any help!

Status balloons require personalization rights which can be granted from user account security.

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This user has no options checked under User Acct Maint. but yet I can still click on “status Balloon Properties” so I’m not sure that’s the correct option as ‘Allow Personalization’ is unchecked, any other ideas?

Looking at the design notes:

  • between 9.04.604 when it was first introduced and 9.05.606 it was controlled through the customization privilege.
  • from 9.04.606 to current (10.1.600.x) it is controlled through the personalization privilege.