Stock Status - Finding the correct PartTran record for Unit Cost column

How does the system report determine which PartTran record to use for the Unit Cost column? I assume it’s sorting on PartTran.TranDate DESC, but what if more than one of the latest transactions for a part have the same TranDate? The system report seems to select transactions that don’t make sense (more specifically, selections I can’t reproduce).

Is there some other column that is additionally sorted on? Some other criteria?

Here’s the Stock Status BAQ I’ve been working on if anyone wants to take a look. The vast majority of the Unit Cost match up to the system report, and the QOH seems to be matching up without issue.

GI-StkStatus.baq (90.3 KB)

I asked Epicor Support this question and this is the first response:

Hi Jeff
Here are the documents on the Stock Status.
The report currently is not intended to be back dated.
Hopefully these will help you out.

Knowledge Article KB0039623 - Unit cost calculation in Stock Status Report
Knowledge Article KB0114387 - Average cost determined for Stock Status report

In a nutshell … Stock Status Report should only ever be used for QOH.

Many an accounting department has driven themselves crazy trying to use the SSR to reconcile the inventory GL account.


I reconcile my stock status to the GL every month end. The key point for cost differences is to not change any standard cost after running the report until you are reconciled. You can back date the report at any time and get an accurate QOH, but the cost will always be the current cost not the cost in effect at the backdated date.

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