QOH and Cost used on SSR (Stock Status Report)

The SSR allows you to specify an “as of date”. The report backs out qty transactions after that date, to give you the QOH on that date.

But it doesn’t seem to back out changes in the cost.

Is this correct?

Accounting has believed that running the SSR for a given date will always give you the same value, as long as no subsequent transactions were predated to before the SSR cutoff date.

As far as I can tell what you say is true–you can backdate the OH quantity
to a date, but it uses current cost. I’ve heard some people say they make a
part cost image every day so they can go back and do this type of report.


Yes, there are a few tables in Epicor that it is very helpful to “snapshot” every night so you can run historical reports. The On-Hand quantity (PartBin) and cost (PartCost) definitely fall into that category. I would recommend Open Sales Order Lines/Releases (for back log reports) and Serial Number table (SerialNo) in some fashion as well - the first for building reports, the second for troubleshooting.

Epicor has always recommended that as a month end procedure you take the
stock status report and export to excel if you want to go back in time to
see on hand quantity and value.

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