Stock Status only uses AVG costing?

We are running Epicor V10.1.400.24 and we had a consultant say to our Controller “the stock status report only uses Average costing”.

I ran the report and the Stock Status appears to be following the Cost Methods (from what I can tell).

So we may have a little bit of “Telephone” going on here - one person says one thing and someone else hears another thing.

I thought I heard somewhere that only average costing is used - could that maybe be job costing? or Capture/WIp? Anyone recall hearing something about this?

I hate to discount the consultant because I suspect there is truth in there somewhere, I just don’t think it is the Stock Status report.

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Hi Dave,

This was talked about recently and Mark Wagner explains it here:

In brief, the Stock Status report can be run for previous days but only for the part quantities. The costs on the report are whatever they are at the time the report runs using the part’s costing type (Standard, Average, etc.). I’ll be corrected if I’m wrong but that seemed to be the consensus.

It’s been recommended to do a snapshot of your PartCost table nightly so that you could do some revaluation if necessary in Excel.

The other Mark W.

The stock status report takes the current cost method of the part in part
maintenance (avg, std, etc) and multiplies it times the quantity on hand at
the date the report is run. There is a checkbox where you can override that
and have Epicor calculate the weighted average cost

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Thank you Mark (and Mark).

I forgot about the “Weighted Average” - I’ll bet that is what was mentioned.

Thank you so much for the feedback.