Strange behaviour - HELP!

Epicor 9.05.701

I have a user that is normally able to run certain reports, no problem at all.
When he now runs them he gets an error that says “no information is found” that appears in a bubble.

However, this isn’t true, because if other users run same report entering the same parameters, the report pops up.

His user security / permissions etc have not been changed.

Has anyone come across this before?

What i’ve checked already:

  1. Asked him to clear his client cache.
  2. I’ve done the same for him on the server side where all the user reports are held.
  3. Asked him to delete the folders in C:\ProgramData\Epicor and then go back in.
  4. I’ve restarted the app servers.

I’m out of ideas on this.
Any suggestions?

Many thanks in advance.

I know this sounds crazy but could it be a windows error and maybe reboot. can you post a screen shot of error? Did he set any personalizations?

Hi Kimberley,
The user received the normal error that pops up if there genuinely is no info.
He wouldn’t know how to set personalisations as he isn’t an advanced user.
I’ll ask him to reboot. :slight_smile:

A windows restart didn’t help either.

Going to try uninstalling epicor on the client side and then re-installing.

a re-install didn’t work either!..

Is this happening on ALL reports this user runs, or only certain ones (and if so, which ones)?

No, its only a few…others work fine for him.

one of them is “orders in uk (print)” held in our Management Reports folder…but oddly it works fine for other users.

If they are all custom reports, you’ll need to look at the underlying queries and see what their criteria are. If you have multiple plants or multiple companies, that user needs to have access to those plants or companies to see the data. It may well be a permissions thing along those lines.

Created a new user account with exact same permissions and securities and it worked first time.

Yup, weird.

It may be Work Force related. Was his user ID assigned to a Work Force record as an authorized user? This functionality will restrict what sales data the user can see.

Also, do the reports work for him if he runs them from another machine?

Ask the user to run the report…at the same time, make sure that you monitor the /epicordata/reports/USERNAME directory for the XML file.

Also, ask him.her for their login and password. You login as them on your computer to see if it works. You can also login into their computer and see if the report works.

Check if that user has personalizations for the report form…if so delete them.

Run Disk Cleanup from windows and delete all the temp files your can.

Are these completely custom reports (like BAQ’s)? Or just customized versions of built-in ones?

We’ve customized nearly ever built-in report (mostly just for for formatting). But we create a new style and new RPT files (CR or SSRS). And I always leave the default built-in style enabled for debugging printing problems.

If the can run the built-in style, but the customized version doesn’t work, then the problem is in the .rpt or the RDD (assuming the customized style uses a non-default RDD).

Also, you can launch the client program as another user by holding SHIFT while right clicking the shortcut, and selecting “Run as different user”.

If you are using CRM it could be due to restrictions there. Otherwise make sure from the report printing screen for that user you look at Actions > Remove defaults and try it again.

Did you try login another Epicor account on the same client machine and run the same report? or checking the access of \server\EpicorData from that client machine?
it happened that a client machine accesses \server-name\EpicorData but the Epicor setting was \server-ip\EpicorData