Streamline RMA Shipping Label

We currently have to manually generate a return shipment label for our RMAs by going to Quick Ship and manually keying the information in. It works, but it’s extra steps and introduces opportunities for error.

Can we incorporate a way to do a return shipment through Epicor using the logic that Customer Shipment or Misc. Shipment uses? Ideally, we could generate an RMA in Epicor and click a button to create, close, and freight the package and generate a shipping label and send it via email to the contact on the RMA.

If there are reasons why this isn’t built in already, I would accept any suggestion as to the best way to handle this. And worse case scenario, we have a solution that works currently.

Thanks in advance!

Hello dr_dan,

Did you ever resolve this?
Here are some steps I found in EpicCare that are closely related. However, you can go a step further and not have to create the label in QuickShip every time.

After going through the QuickShip setup below, go to ERP > Ship Via Maintenance and create a Code that matches your QuicKShip Ship Code. (ex. “UPSRet” the description with be UPS Ground Returns.)
Then, when you create a Misc Shipment you choose UPSRet as the Ship Via Code. When you Freight the Pack it should print your return label. I believe it will generate an email as well but I’m still tweaking that part.

Hope this helps.

QuickShip Return Label Setup

Setup a new ship code called UPS Ground Returns.
Select the below 4 parameters so that it will allow you to freight the shipment.

  1. Ship-Code
  2. Return Service Type
  3. Merchandise Description
  4. E-mail address Field under the “Return Label Created Notification”

We need to fill only these 4 fields under the “UPS Returns” Carrier Options.

Great find!! I appreciate you posting here. I never did resolve it. I’ll restart the effort knowing this.

I should have included this Knowledge Base info earlier. Sorry. Good Luck.

Quick Ship - RMA (Return Material Authorization) KB0117291

Where did you go to set that up in Quick Ship? I am lost. I don’t see any option for UPS Returns when I create a new Ship Code. I don’t see a way to mess around within UPS or FedEx to enable anything either.

“UPS Returns” was created in ERP in Ship Code Maintenance.
The carrier is selected here as well but it has to be created in ERP in Carrier Maintenance.

Then you use “UPS Returns” (in my example. It can be whatever you want to name it) as the “Ship Code Key” when you set up a new Ship Code.