Subcontract Cost Maintenance

Shameless plug for Epicor Idea…

I recently added an Epicor Idea to use the Subcontract Price List to Roll up costs. The title is
Roll up Subcontract Costs from Pricelists.

Currently, Subcontract Costs are maintained in Engineer Workbench. This is where the Cost is rolled up during the Roll up Costs from Costing Workbench. I feel this process ( costing) should be in the hands of a Planner or Buyer ( a PO needs to be generated for a Subcontract Operation) .

For example, we buy parts from a Supplier A that need to be painted. Supplier A does not have the means to get the part painted. We subcontract out the Paint Operation ( Subcontract Operation) to Supplier B. When Paint costs change ( or get established) , someone has to go into Engineer Workbench to adjust the Unit cost so that at the next rollup, the costs get accurately recorded.

Supplier Subcontract Price Lists seem to be the place to put these costs. Currently, there seems to be an issue with Importing costs into this price list. Retrieving the costs do not seen to be any issue ( dashboards etc. )

PLEASE, if you have votes left, vote for it. They recently changed the status to ‘Guaging interest’.


You can also maintain Subcontract costs in the Supplier Price List.

Hi John,

That is what I am looking to do. When the costs get rolled up, they pull costs from ECO Rev ( what is in Engineer Workbench)


I am make to order, so no methods. What happens if you leave the cost blank in the method and only enter the Supplier? I would expect it to look at the supplier price list at time of job creation for the current cost.

The job will pull in from PriceList first then Method if pricelist is blank. Cost rollup will always use method.

Good to know. Thanks for the information.