Subcontract Operation Price List

Is there anywhere you can set up a Subcontract Operation Price List.

The current functionality (that I know of) allows you to create a price list for a Subcontract Part or a Subcontract Part Operation. I am looking for the ability to just enter a price list for the Subcontract Operation.

As an example, you are going to powder coat some sheet metal and the Supplier has given you a price list so you do not have to call them for a quote every time. Is there a place where I can state that the Powder Coat Subcontract Operation costs X.XX for Supplier X and Y.YY for Supplier Y.

What will you do if you perform that operation on a different item? Will the price be the same for both items simply because the operation description is the same?

If you think about it, the subcontract portion of supplier price list works well, but it is not easy to understand (since a job will use data from the method when there is no subcontract price list entry)

I am not talking about an operation that varies greatly. This would be for a powder coat, paint, or some other finish which is usually determined by area. If the supplier can give us a price list, I was hoping the system could handle it.

The price list will be in either 2 formats. One would be a minimum charge ($100) for parts that are from 0 - 50 square inches and then a calculation for every square inch over. The second would be similar except there would be price breaks by area beyond the minimum charge.

I think I am going to be able to accomplish this by creating a Part for the operation. So, I will create PCoat which will be the part for powder coating. I will then be able to do a supplier price list for the subcontract operation of powder coat with the part being powder coat. So far it seems to work. I know it is a little hacky, but I could not think of anything else as Epicor does not seem to support this.

You could imbed the data into the method and delete the supplier price list entry completely. That might work as well. You won’t get price breaks, but it sounds like you may not need them.

I to have struggled with keeping up with SubContract Costs. We have a similar use for SubContract Jobs. We have supplier A build the part( we buy part 9-Unpainted as a Purchased part) then send the part to supplier B who then paints it and returns it to us as Part 9. We execute all of this through a Subcontract job with part 9-Unpainted as the material and part 9 as the finished product.

We do a cost roll-up once a year and in setting it up, found that if the part ( ie. part 9 ) did not have a cost entered in Engineer Workbench in the Subcontract tab, the paint cost would not roll up into the finished part ( again part 9 ) .

After seeing this post, I did a little digging and lo and behold, one of the Buyers had entered a few costs in the Supplier Price List for Supplier B for Part 9 ( in the parts tab) for the cost of the paint AND in the Subcontract Operations tab for 0. Oddly enough, the part( part 9) rolled up correctly. The part cost in the Supplier Price List did happen to match the cost in the Enginneer Workbench exactly, question is, were did the cost roll-up take the Subcontract price from … ?

fron the techRefJobcosting documentation

Any Insite on this ( no pun intended…)


Subcontract price list will override the method at the time of job creation. That applies depending upon if the job is created manually, or through MRP (unfirm jobs).

It will override both the price, and the Days Out value (subcontractor turnaround time).

Additionally, if there are multiple entries for different suppliers on the same subcon op, all bets are off. Date effectivity does not seem to work well, but we haven’t done a ton of testing on that.

It’s a PITA, no question, but does allow price changes to be implemented without involving changing the method master.

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We got that the subcon price can be changed at Job Entry. What we struggle with is when we Roll up costs at the end of the year, the subcontract price gets pulled from the Method Master.

Here is an untested Idea… an Updateable dashboard on ( not sure what table) with the Part Number, Rev and Cost, with the only updateable field being Cost ???


Where would the data be stored?

?? PartOpr.EstUnitCost

Digging this back up as this has caused us to be late on jobs to the customer. Hoping someone out there that does make to order has come up with a solution. We do not store methods, everything is done from the quote.

We need to be able to set a default Days Out by subcontract operation at the very least. Hoping to avoid a BPM on the creation of an operation in the quote, but that may be the only way.