Subcontract with material flow

There is a process to transform wire rod become wire, and I pay a vendor to do this process but material (wire rod) is coming from me.

So basically the process are, I send material wire rod, and receive finish product wire.

Already follow the user guide for subcontract setup, but never get the expected result. The result always the part that you can receive is the part that you sent.

Anybody can help me how to setup based on the requirement, or how to do it in Epicor?


May be we can try as below

  • Job created for Finished Product -Wire.
  • Assign the subcontract operation
  • Add raw material - Wire rod
  • PO for subcontract
  • Ship subcontract
  • Receive subcontract
  • Job receipt to Inventory - this will receive Finished Product -Wire

Yes, but what will show in the PO line is the wire rod, then receipt entry will be for the wire rod. Still cannot accept this…

You can change the part on the subcontract operation to anything you want. That will be the part number used for the PO and Receipt Entry.

Hi @Carson, please CMIIW…

The part that we put in subcontract operation is the part that you will ship in subcontract shipment and also the same part that you will receipt.

So, if I put the FG part wire on part information in subcontract, yes I will receipt the FG wire part. But for shipment?

By default that would be the part you ship. The supplier part number could be used to help with clarify things with your supplier, the sub-contract shipment packing slip could also be updated. In subcontract shipment entry the job number is needed not the part.

Hi @Carson,
In another case I need to send more than one part to subcontractor, do you know how to do/setup this in Epicor?

My approach in the past was to have a part number that indicated it was a parts kit. We would have two BOMs one for the parts we were supplying and one for the parts the subcontract vendor was supplying. In this case the parts the sub-contract supplier was supplying wouldn’t be called out on the normal assembly, but we always had an alternate method that called out those parts incase we were going to build it in house.

you need two part numbers…
W1 = RodWire - it can either be a MAKE or a BUY product… you need to acquire this into stock before you can make the other part.
W2 = Wire - it has a BOM and a BOO.

  • W2’s BOM contains some W1 to make the W2.
  • W2’s BOO has at least one operation. that operation is a subcontract type operation that sends the material W1 to the supplier to provide the service which turns it into a W2.

So… assuming you have a requirement for some W2, you would “sell” W2. MRP would run and create a job for W2, which would create a demand for W1. The system would tell you to make or buy W1 and put it into stock. Release the W2 job, Then issue W1 to the W2 job. the W2 job would also create a sub-contractor PO for the sub-contract work. once you Then ship it on a sub-contract shipment to the supplier/PO referenced. when you receive the SubContract PO, you complete the operation as well. then Receive the W2 job to stock.