Suddenly I know where the deja vu comes from

A week of trying to go from zero to sixty in custom-coded BPMs for a guy who wrote his first C# a month ago…

Suddenly remember where I’ve seen this feeling depicted and where I felt it before…


Thanks for all the help, everyone, I’m going to call it a week / night and commit it all to my subconscious…


Probably should have quit hours ago…


Is that, like, for the whole internet?

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xorg? Now that you mention it, I do remember some of my early attempts to install Linux that ended with a black screen.
More recently…

Would (I think) be really interesting if MS got serious about running .NET on Linux?

Marked “solution” :joy:

Are you familiar with .Net Core, which will soon to be .Net 5 this fall? Cross platform Windows, Linux, MacOS out of the box. As a matter of fact, MS is using Linux more than Windows in Azure already. I think they’re serious.

With Windows 10 release 2004, the Windows Subsystem for Linux 2 (WDSL2) runs Linux in a vm right from the W10 desktop and the speeds are impressive.

Microsoft Build is this week and it’s free this year and online. Watch for more MS Linux news.

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Have to say WSL has been a great tool. I used to use xamp for offline web development and it has allowed me to ditch that completely and run everything I need on a laptop down by the river where the internet isn’t and peace reigns.

.Net Core is great on linux, but it’s geared towards services and web apps only… I know there was a platform agnostic open source UI project in its infancy back when I toyed with it a bit, Avalonia, that lets you build platform agnostic UI apps running as .Net Core console apps. Mind you this was in .Net Core 2.0. It worked nicely, essentially you just “apt-get install netcore” on your target linux machine, copy over the application folder and “dotnet MyApp.exe”. The main issue with it was that there was no tooling, you pretty much had to write your XAML from scratch and bind all events yourself. Not sure how far it has come since…

Interesting where this thread went!

The help I’ve got on this forum from Epicor employees and others has been nothing short of amazing, so take the following with a pinch of salt :salt: :salt:

I was actually drawing a parallel between Linux in general and Epicor, with

  • a lot of power
  • a lot of complexity
  • a lot of contradictory experts
  • integration partners that promote its almost infinite extensibility but wash their hands of you if you actually use it
  • tricky little vagaries that nobody tells you about
  • awfully poor documentation compared to Microsoft!

Don’t get me wrong, I’m a big promoter of both Epicor and Linux, but they both share the same pros and cons in my books - it’s just been a long week!

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Yeah, that is what I thought too…still, seems like the old dividing lines have blurred a little.

Yeah, I was aware but haven’t really played with it yet.
Getting used to Linux wasn’t that much of a stretch for me since I started out working for a company that ran Dataworks on HPUX w/Unidata. (all of which I hated at first but … some parts of these systems really grew on me over time).

Embrace, extend… Now, what was the next bit again…?

This was true in the pre-Nadella world where they would protecting Windows and Office but when you’re making your money in the cloud, they really don’t care what you’re running! :wink: It really is a different Microsoft…

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Some unrelated humor I read this morning…

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Thing is, this is the kind of era I started working I…

And of course windows wasn’t super awesome for users…

Remembered your post while reading the article below today.
Just thought others might find this interesting too.

I especially got a kick out of this line: “In its current form .NET is for 40-year-old white men,”

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Shouldn’t he have been able to say all that in a single, functional statement?

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Crap. I’m too old…

It’s immutable now…

Me too, 25 years too old for that to even apply to me.

Make .Net a poper DMZ consortium…

Is that not what the .Net Foundation does?