Summarize into a single line for Dashboard/BAQ

Hello Everyone,

I need to know if it possible to create a BAQ/Dashboard to Summarize a single field to display across instead of in a column.

My example is Part Number Serial Number
123456789 A1234
123456789 A1235

The result I am looking for is
Part Number Serial Number
123456789 A1234, A1235

Please let me know how to accomplish this.

Thanks in Advance


Yes it is possible. You want to use the string aggregation function in BAQ. Here is an example where I aggregate the revisions for a given part number. You can do the same thing with serial numbers.

	[Part].[PartNum] as [Part_PartNum],
	(STRING_AGG(PartRev.RevisionNum,', ')) as [Calculated_rev]
from Erp.Part as Part
inner join Erp.PartRev as PartRev on 
	Part.Company = PartRev.Company
	and Part.PartNum = PartRev.PartNum
where (Part.PartNum = '"mypartnum"')
group by [Part].[PartNum]

Here is the reference for string agg:

Hello Nate,

I am still running on the Progress database in version 9. I can not enter select statements in our version.

Thank you.


Sorry I don’t know anything about progress or v9. I expect you can still build a BAQ similar to this. However yo may not be able to use the string agg function. Before string agg there was “for xml path”. Perhaps this could be your solution!